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Meet the Photographer

Phoenix, the firstborn daughter of a US Marine, was born in Maryland; however, she claims New Jersey and Texas as her home. She was introduced to photography at an early on when her godmother put a 35mm camera in her hand at the age of 13. At that time, all she documented were vacations, summer adventures and memorable moments. Finding her second home in Texas, she was able to reconnect with her passion, which then turned into a profession. She quickly made a name for herself in the DFW Metroplex due to her ability to connect with her clients’ visions and deliver intimate glimpses into their personalities.


Phoenix is intentional in her interactions with clients, prides herself on seeing and showing their depth and commits to creating concepts that capture the very essence of their humanity. If you desire a personalized photography experience that will display the nuanced layers of who you are in a unique and artistic way, choose Phoen1x Photography.

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